Who’s Waiting

Opening the blinds and looking out the window I saw sunshine enveloping everything, glistening bright off thousands of leaves. It was if all of nature was waiting for me to come out, saying, “Come on out and look at us, we’ve been waiting all morning sleepy head.” Those thoughts began to make me feel like a kid again as I moved through the house getting my clothes to put on. The thought came to me that maybe God was watching and said, “My boy is getting up. I think I’ll take him for a walk and remind him of who he is and what his purpose is. I’ll give him a little load to carry as he prays for the land and the church. His load will be easy as I won’t give him more then he can carry. He doesn’t know that each load I give him will only make him stronger for the bigger tasks ahead.”

   Each one of us has a different load to carry according to the measure of faith each one of us walks and moves in. Remember when the load bends us down to the position of humility, at that point His strength will raise us up to take the steps necessary to lay the burden at His feet. We thank Him that our hearts and minds are continually  nourished by the Savior, the cross, the blood and His sufficient grace.

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2 Responses to Who’s Waiting

  1. Rob Keister says:

    Thanks for carrying your load.

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