I remember

I remember as a little boy flinging open the old front door and running across the road, right into the woods. Those woods went for several miles, but for mom’s sake I never went too far away. I remember dad coming home one evening , happy he had given his life to Christ. Not long after that dad took to preaching the gospel of good news.

   Every church we went to, I remember the old hymns of that period, songs like amazing grace and others. We went to the coal camps, and many times to little country churches, and the songs were pretty much the same ones everywhere. At home we had a radio, and I remember dad liked country music with little Jimmy Dickens, Hank Snow, and Hank Williams. They were really good.

    I remember going next door to my friend’s home, and downstairs he had his own private room. He has a large reel to reel tape machine, and we would record our favorite songs as we cleaned our weapons and talked about hunting.

   Those days are gone, and things change. Marriage came and little babies soon followed. Some of my old friends have passed away. I remember most all of them and can still see their faces. Today my wife and I still live in our small, modest home, enjoying the quiet silence that surrounds us, especially after all eight of our grandchildren have gone home. I going to stop remembering right about here because I like making new memories, and I hope you do too. In the meantime enjoy your home, spouse and the beauty of silence. Love and blessings.

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One Response to I remember

  1. godselfie says:

    Thanks for sharing your memories. Making new ones is something we look forward indeed.

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