Good Ground

After Christ ascended back to heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to watch over His people. Since we are all made from the soil, the Spirit came as comforter, but also as the gardener. In this world’s environment the christian needs constant attention. Unless tended, man’s soil of the heart tends to get dry and hard. The Spirit constantly needs to hoe this heart to keep it pliable. Thank God for His preachers who help in this work by continually delivering the word of God to enrich man’s soil. God made man responsible over his own soil, and expects man to tend his life by reading and praying. Man has a choice to grow in stature by enriching his own self through the word, or neglecting his own self and becoming dry of spirit, gradually blowing away with the winds of time. How is your garden growing? Is it good soil fed by God’s word, or is it dry, neglecting the heart of life?

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2 Responses to Good Ground

  1. Rob Keister says:

    Thank the Lord for good soil! RK

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