To all the people who have read these blogs. First off, where I come from in West Virginia, we have a saying, “I’m going to just give you the flat out truth.” I write because God told me to. I write to tell my story of walking with the Holy Spirit. Why? I write not to just tell you my story, but to provoke every reader to think about Christ and to believe in Him. I attempt to challenge everyone to accept Christ, to love Him and for you to love each other. My desire is that all of you will hunger and thirst after Christ, follow Him and have a burning passion to serve Him. The words are inside of me that He’s given, but to convey them is sometimes hard to do. My devotion to Christ and to prayer is a longing for everyone across the world to have. I know I am just one vessel in God’s service, and the reason I try to reach and touch each of you is two fold. First my love for God, and secondly my love and prayers for all of you. I hope in writing this that you may be able to see into my heart a little bit. If you desire to continue reading my stories, I’m grateful. If not then, I still thank you and am grateful for the time we have spent together. Be continually blessed in His service.

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2 Responses to Confession

  1. godselfie says:

    Thanks for the love and prayers

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