It’s His fault

Does anyone remember Flip Wilson? Flip always used this excuse on his t.v. show, “The devil made me do it.” When I do something out of character, is it God’s fault? No, God doesn’t make us do anything. God gives us a free will to say yes or no. I choose to say yes, because when He ask me to do something, I want to say yes, knowing there is a good reason and it’s going to do good. When He sees a need, He will speak to someone, so He can work through them to provide the help a person needs. When He seeks you out for a certain task, will you say yes, or no? Having a freewill, you make the choice. I hope we say yes. It’s a golden opportunity to bless someone and to be blessed serving.

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In today’s society the church has a decision laid out before it. Will the church make prayer it’s lifeline or will it choose new methods designed by the world for popularity?                                                                                      Prayer must be built into every fiber and activity of the church. It, along with the Holy Spirit, has to be the bedrock of the church. When it is built on bedrock, it’s anchor will be so solid the church will not be swayed, moved or confused, but it’s identity must be made in Christ alone.                                                                                  When the church lives by nominal, weak prayer, it will be a nominal, weak church, and it’s identity is lost amid a multitude of nominal churches. We must give ourselves completely to Christ, seeking Him alone. The more we elevate Christ, the more He will bless and elevate the church. When the church truly hungers and thirsts for the Holy Ghost with more burning, passionate prayer, He will move through us, and the church will be moved to desire revival.                                 Let the church arise and its enemies be scattered. Earth- moving prayer is not made from the flesh, but created in the heart by the Holy Spirit, and His prayers through us will shake the nations and shake hell to its core. Godly passion will stir, awaken and move the church forward. The prayer of faith is the key that opens the heart of heaven. Will we pay the price to live the life of prayer. God is still looking for a man to stand in the gap and pray. After two thousand years, He is still looking. Will it be you or even me? Time will tell. This one thing I know, you can change your church as prayer changes you.
















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Who’s Waiting

Opening the blinds and looking out the window I saw sunshine enveloping everything, glistening bright off thousands of leaves. It was if all of nature was waiting for me to come out, saying, “Come on out and look at us, we’ve been waiting all morning sleepy head.” Those thoughts began to make me feel like a kid again as I moved through the house getting my clothes to put on. The thought came to me that maybe God was watching and said, “My boy is getting up. I think I’ll take him for a walk and remind him of who he is and what his purpose is. I’ll give him a little load to carry as he prays for the land and the church. His load will be easy as I won’t give him more then he can carry. He doesn’t know that each load I give him will only make him stronger for the bigger tasks ahead.”

   Each one of us has a different load to carry according to the measure of faith each one of us walks and moves in. Remember when the load bends us down to the position of humility, at that point His strength will raise us up to take the steps necessary to lay the burden at His feet. We thank Him that our hearts and minds are continually  nourished by the Savior, the cross, the blood and His sufficient grace.

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Thank you, pain, for coming back to visit. I know you are only allowed to stay for a short time, but I can try to make the most of it. Your pain keeps me grounded, so I am able to identify with the sorrows and pain of others who are suffering in this world. This is the first time ever in  using a cane, and it’s a humbling experience for me. I know it keeps me ever looking to Jesus. He is and always will be my hope and support. His love and mercy are always my help in time of need, and they help me to stand, and keep standing until healing once again pushes pain out of my body.                                           My friends, I realize many of you are going through mental, spiritual or physical situations, possibly far greater than mine. Please be encouraged. God knows where you are, what situations you face. Just hold on. He is on the way to your house as He is to mine. He has blessed me with the opportunity to carry a little pain, so I can pray for your needs and your healing. Believe with me! The healer is coming. Give Him your prayers and your thanksgivings, and when He knocks on your heart’s door, receive Him with joy. You will be blessed beyond measure.


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Never Defeated

I am once again in the forested park, always stepping lightly over the earth I so love. “Lord, I see the trees  and the look of spring, but help me to see what you see.” I glanced down and there were the signs, not the imprint of the deer, but the ground itself. The ground had been harden by wind and the burning sun, and now with winter’s grip broken from the land, it still, like the sun, left its mark.

  Limbs from these magnificent trees lay strewn about, broken off by the fierce winds of winter. Rivulets of water make little scars upon the land as dirt gives way to the running water. Will the land recover? Yes, it will. Through many centuries the land has been beaten down by sun, rain and snow; and now faces its greatest test, the influx of man trying to create what he thinks is best for the land. Will man conquer the land? No, he will also lose his battle with the land, just the same as all the stormy elements did. Each of these have in their season a struggle with the land, always withdrawing in defeat.

As all the elements of nature have tried to win control of the land for itself, so likewise does man, as in his human nature, he also desires to control the land, nations, and his fellow man. We as a people must learn one important truth. What God has made, no man can control or put asunder. The problem, my friends, is that we will never have the peace that God intended for us to have as long as pride rules our lives. Let God rule  our lives. Only then will we begin to find the answers for our lives. The blessings of life are there in Christ alone. Beloved, Christ be with you all.

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Why did they mock Jesus when He healed the lame man? Why were they jealous of Jesus when He gave sight to the blind man? Why hate Him when He forgave a woman caught in sin? Every act He performed was out of love. Did they not realize that mocking led to jealousy, then to hatred? They never realized each step they took was turning their heart dark with evil. Their final act of desperation put Him on the cross to be slain in a cruel manner no man deserved.

  No one realized as He hung on the cross, He was completing the plan of God, as He said, “It’s finished.” When Jesus was baptized, God spoke out of heaven and said, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.” Those gathered there at the cross, when He said, “It’s finished,” they now knew who He was.

Have we allowed our mocking and our jealousy to turn our hearts toward hatred? We still have time to ask forgiveness. God loves us and will forgive us when we ask Him. Life is worth living. He’s given us the opportunity to have a clean heart and a new beginning. Take it! Hold on to it! The best is still ahead, and be blessed.

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I’ve spoken many times about the forest, about being silent, walking softly and tracking game. These are all wonderful attributes, living and moving in the natural realm.                                                                                              A far more important aspect of life, one that should be considered, is the footprint we leave behind for others to follow that come after us. Are we setting a good path, mind set, habit and especially memories for others to follow? Have our lives inspired children and adults alike, to carry on the calling and purpose, to help build the moral fiber for this world today? We must continue being consistent in whatever place or calling God has given, because there is always someone watching or already stepping in our footprints. May others follow us as we follow Christ, for He is our light, and steps that He took, we must follow also. Be Blessed and make clear footprints, so there are no mistakes for those who follow.

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