My Dream

I’ve never met any of you, except perhaps we may have a kindred spirit through Jesus Christ. My dream, my desire in life is to be yielded completely to my Lord and to lift Him up. I believe His word and His promises. He says, “When I am lifted up, I’ll draw all men unto me.” When God said “Write,” I began to write. Clumsy it may be, but my obedience is more important than how perfect I attempt to be. If I’ve insulted anyone, I’m sorry. My writing is to encourage, uplift, to challenge, to bring hope, and introduce Christ to all. What God has done in my life, He can do in yours and perhaps even more.  I have endeavored to write only what He says or reveals, teaching me through nature or other circumstances of life. Pray that I’ll stay close to my best friend, the Holy Spirit. May we meet again this side of heaven. Until then, be blessed.

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The Unknown Entry

Getting out of our car, we made our way across the church parking lot. It is a beautiful Sunday morning and the greeters were at the front door to greet members and visitors alike. This arena of life is played out all across America with people wanting to be with friends and to hear their pastor speak the word of God.

  This makes up a big part of life, and it’s a community of believers that draws everyone to church. God’s spirit has come to pay a visit.  He does it every week and sometimes He is welcomed, but knows He is not accepted by everyone. Some, like Thomas in the bible, have to see to believe; but others simply believe because they have made the time to pray a part of their daily life. He walks through the pews listening and visits the class rooms, listening to the chatter and to see if these people are really serious about their walk in Christ.

  Sundays are usually the same as Wednesday, a short prayer beginning and one prayer ending. The Spirit goes throughout the churches every week looking as God did in the old testament to find one or two that want a deeper life, willing to pray and intercede no matter the cost.

  Every nation is in confusion with people suffering even unto death. Are you the one who will pray for the people and say yes Lord, I will give all to intercede for the nations? You can make Sunday’s different in your church by persistent praying. You can help your pastor become greater for God in and out of the pulpit, even add years to his life by praying daily for him. This is church in America today, and the world is pressing in. Your prayers are needed. Do you love the people and your pastor? Then show them you care by praying fervently for them. You need no reward, only that your God is pleased.

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Imprisoned People

Lord, you have laid in my heart and mind the imprisoned people of this world. Everywhere my Lord, my people are shackled and chained by their doubts, fears,  pain, and scars they bare on their souls. I bind the powers of hell, and lying, deceiving spirits in  the name of Jesus. The Lord rebuke you Satan, and I command the people be loosed and what you have stolen, be restored. I pray Father, the leaders of the nations be humbled and bow to the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. Father, forgive them, for they have been seduced by deceiving spirits. Pour upon the nations the holy anointing, convicting all people of their sins and the sin that so easily holds them. Loose and save those that would be saved, and fill these with the Holy Spirit, that they will be your witness and speak your word with great power, searching every heart. I give you thanks, glory and praise for receiving me into your presence, and I plead the precious blood of Jesus over this prayer. In the name of Jesus, AMEN!

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Bed Time Habits

Sitting in my easy chair late last night, I happened to glance across the room and saw one of my shirts hanging on the back of a chair. The Holy Spirit reminded me in His word to cleanse myself and put on clean garments.

   I remember as a young boy, mom telling me to take a bath and do all that good hygiene stuff before going to bed. Sometimes after playing hard all day, you felt like just  going to sleep. What’s it going to hurt just missing a bath once in a while.

  Well, God doesn’t want us to get lazy and sloppy in our spiritual habits. I know sometimes during the day we say, do, or think the wrong thing and maybe hurt someone. God knows, so we might as well lay it all out before Him, ask forgiveness and make things right. It’s a whole lot easier to get some sleep, knowing that you are clear and clean before the Lord.

  So let’s start  off the new year right, and before going to bed let’s shuck off our dirty garments, physical and spiritual, and try to stay clean before our heavenly Father. Yeah, I know I’ve gone to meddling a little bit, but that’s what happens when you get a little older. So on that note, I’m going to stop right here and get some shut eye. Stay blessed.

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Good and Best

Sometimes it’s hard to choose what is best because in most things good is the choice. Over many years of choosing good, we settle for less in most everything, and that attitude is easy but it can make us lazy and we quit striving for the best.

   In spiritual matters if we choose what is easy,  a salvation chosen this way can be destructive. Going to church is always good and church activities are good things. What is best? The best way is an entirely different path than the one called good. The good path is flat and clear and hardly takes any work and there are easy pickings along this path. Now the best path takes  a great deal of effort and sometimes gets very steep, and we have to press hard climbing upwards. The pressing upwards takes work and is slow going, but the slow way usually helps us to make better choices. There are a few things we can get along this trail, and a couple are wisdom and understanding,. These two can make the journey a lot better.

   We are given a measure of faith to work with, and it needs to be exercised a lot on this upward journey. The more it’s used, the stronger it grows. Steep inclines on this journey make it probably the hardest of all, and these inclines are called the trust inclines. Trust does not come easily, nor is it given easily. So these inclines can become very slippery. Going up the trust part, we gain three or four steps upwards and feel good about gaining ground, only to slip back two. We use every tool we have to gain a few steps, and when we slip back it is a humbling experience.

   Once we gain trust, the path gets easier and the load we carry seems to get lighter. Which will it be my friends? What choice will you make, good or best? Life is full of choices, but this one could be the biggest one you will ever make. Pray earnestly, and remember, no mountain is to high when God is walking with you.

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The Coming

The world had no idea who was coming or when.                     He walked on the seashore with a long easy stride,                   Looking for a few good men to walk by His side.                    He saw two men working on a boat, and said “Follow me,”  Finding twelve good men who would do as He said.                They found peace, love and joy going wherever He led.         In awe they watched Him do miracles wherever they went.   The miracles that I do, you will do also, if you only trust me If you move by faith and not by sight,  and only believe.         Be my hands, my eyes, my voice and  then tell my story.   Will you stand, will you stay? Will you turn to run away?      Lord where would I go? Only you cared to teach me to pray.  When I heard your voice calling me I came, and you saved.  Be blessed.


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  1. When I was a young boy, I didn’t care a thing about school or learning anything but sports. Boy, was I dumb. I cared about the wrong things at the wrong time. Hopefully I’ve learned a few things over the last few years. Now that I’m older, God has begun nudging me to do things I didn’t think I was capable of. God knows what is inside and he knows how to draw out of us more than we realize.

   Three years ago God nudged me and said write stories, and I thought maybe I could at least write one. I did, but he said keep writing and now it’s up to about three hundred stories; and it’s for one reason only, and that is to please Him. Then he nudged me again to write him a poem, I guess to teach me obedience.  For three or four days now he’s been nudging me to write him a sonnet. I didn’t know what a sonnet was until I looked it up, and with my limited education I still don’t fully understand. He’s not looking for me to understand. He knows when I obey and write the sonnet, understanding will come out of it.

   As I have written before about the school of prayer, as it is in any school, there are side courses that compliment the main course. This course of understanding is teaching me not to let understanding undermine faith as I pray. God, in His word, says to watch and pray, not understand and pray.  It’s time to do God’s business. We need to be moving and being a blessing.

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