Before we were brought into this world, preparation was made for this event. From childhood we have been in the school of preparation. It is an act we carry out everyday, from putting on clothes, preparing to eat or getting ready for school. At one time or another we have rebelled on one or all of these tasks. Over time we have learned to get along with preparing for different parts of life, realizing it does have benefits.

   By this time in our lives we have learned that the act of preparing takes at least three things. First it starts in the mind, then the heart, then the will or purpose to accomplish the task hopefully with joy. Now about this time I try to ask a question that involves the inner man. Throughout the week, do we try to read the bible, pray and attempt to maintain a victorious attitude? In so doing, it will carry into church with an attitude of worship, acknowledging that we come clothed in body and spirit, prepared to meet our God and honor Him with our praise and worship.                                                                                              All of our lives have pointed us in this direction and by His Holy Spirit, is preparing all of God’s children for departure from this world. He is ready, are we?








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The Messengers

The winds of change have come and spring is upon us and I have seen evidence of it. A couple of weeks ago, sitting on the edge of the forest, movement caught my eye to my right and above me. A grey squirrel came down the tree, stuffed leaves in his mouth and climbed the tree again, making a nest for his family to be. Small song birds have returned, singing their thanks to their Lord and maker. Eagles are on the nest, and the hawks are going through their mating courtship. Songs of  various birds fill the air. Yes, spring is here. These little messengers with their music seem to bring life to the land again.

   If the little birds sing their songs of joy and hope to people in times of great turmoil, can we do no less? With the Holy Spirit and His anointing we have a song in our hearts, a smile of love for people and a word of hope. We are the messengers of the resurrected Christ. It is time for the church and God’s people to rejoice. Jesus said,”When I am lifted up, I’ll draw all men unto me.” Watch and pray with all prayers. Be Blessed.

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Training to Know Who I Am

I never realized when I was born that I couldn’t walk, talk, or play. The best part of all was having two people, I later found out were my parents. I first thought I was a toy of some sort. Everyday they would roll me on the floor, hand me back and forth and throw me up in the air. I made it through those traumatic first two  or three years before they found a new game of throwing a ball at me, which usually bounced off my head most of the time.

I hoped it would get easier when I found out they were called mom and dad, and they called me Eugene. About that time they found different ways they could use me, like washing dishes, taking out the trash or going to the store. I guess I was supposed to like these new training games until they started a new exercise on me. This was the worst one of all. It was in a big building called school. It took me twelve years to learn the three “r’s” and a few social skills. I just wished they would have paid me for going all those years.

  Dad taught me about work, hunting, and going to church, which was good for the whole family. One of the best things he taught me was that if I wanted something, I had to work for it. So I worked as a paper boy, in a grocery store, wholesale house and finally landed a job at the post office. A few years later I received Christ as my Saviour, and now I can say with family and Christ, I know who I am and where I am going.  I am blessed and pray you become a blessing also.

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My Dream

I’ve never met any of you, except perhaps we may have a kindred spirit through Jesus Christ. My dream, my desire in life is to be yielded completely to my Lord and to lift Him up. I believe His word and His promises. He says, “When I am lifted up, I’ll draw all men unto me.” When God said “Write,” I began to write. Clumsy it may be, but my obedience is more important than how perfect I attempt to be. If I’ve insulted anyone, I’m sorry. My writing is to encourage, uplift, to challenge, to bring hope, and introduce Christ to all. What God has done in my life, He can do in yours and perhaps even more.  I have endeavored to write only what He says or reveals, teaching me through nature or other circumstances of life. Pray that I’ll stay close to my best friend, the Holy Spirit. May we meet again this side of heaven. Until then, be blessed.

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The Unknown Entry

Getting out of our car, we made our way across the church parking lot. It is a beautiful Sunday morning and the greeters were at the front door to greet members and visitors alike. This arena of life is played out all across America with people wanting to be with friends and to hear their pastor speak the word of God.

  This makes up a big part of life, and it’s a community of believers that draws everyone to church. God’s spirit has come to pay a visit.  He does it every week and sometimes He is welcomed, but knows He is not accepted by everyone. Some, like Thomas in the bible, have to see to believe; but others simply believe because they have made the time to pray a part of their daily life. He walks through the pews listening and visits the class rooms, listening to the chatter and to see if these people are really serious about their walk in Christ.

  Sundays are usually the same as Wednesday, a short prayer beginning and one prayer ending. The Spirit goes throughout the churches every week looking as God did in the old testament to find one or two that want a deeper life, willing to pray and intercede no matter the cost.

  Every nation is in confusion with people suffering even unto death. Are you the one who will pray for the people and say yes Lord, I will give all to intercede for the nations? You can make Sunday’s different in your church by persistent praying. You can help your pastor become greater for God in and out of the pulpit, even add years to his life by praying daily for him. This is church in America today, and the world is pressing in. Your prayers are needed. Do you love the people and your pastor? Then show them you care by praying fervently for them. You need no reward, only that your God is pleased.

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Imprisoned People

Lord, you have laid in my heart and mind the imprisoned people of this world. Everywhere my Lord, my people are shackled and chained by their doubts, fears,  pain, and scars they bare on their souls. I bind the powers of hell, and lying, deceiving spirits in  the name of Jesus. The Lord rebuke you Satan, and I command the people be loosed and what you have stolen, be restored. I pray Father, the leaders of the nations be humbled and bow to the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. Father, forgive them, for they have been seduced by deceiving spirits. Pour upon the nations the holy anointing, convicting all people of their sins and the sin that so easily holds them. Loose and save those that would be saved, and fill these with the Holy Spirit, that they will be your witness and speak your word with great power, searching every heart. I give you thanks, glory and praise for receiving me into your presence, and I plead the precious blood of Jesus over this prayer. In the name of Jesus, AMEN!

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Bed Time Habits

Sitting in my easy chair late last night, I happened to glance across the room and saw one of my shirts hanging on the back of a chair. The Holy Spirit reminded me in His word to cleanse myself and put on clean garments.

   I remember as a young boy, mom telling me to take a bath and do all that good hygiene stuff before going to bed. Sometimes after playing hard all day, you felt like just  going to sleep. What’s it going to hurt just missing a bath once in a while.

  Well, God doesn’t want us to get lazy and sloppy in our spiritual habits. I know sometimes during the day we say, do, or think the wrong thing and maybe hurt someone. God knows, so we might as well lay it all out before Him, ask forgiveness and make things right. It’s a whole lot easier to get some sleep, knowing that you are clear and clean before the Lord.

  So let’s start  off the new year right, and before going to bed let’s shuck off our dirty garments, physical and spiritual, and try to stay clean before our heavenly Father. Yeah, I know I’ve gone to meddling a little bit, but that’s what happens when you get a little older. So on that note, I’m going to stop right here and get some shut eye. Stay blessed.

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