Good Ground

After Christ ascended back to heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to watch over His people. Since we are all made from the soil, the Spirit came as comforter, but also as the gardener. In this world’s environment the christian needs constant attention. Unless tended, man’s soil of the heart tends to get dry and hard. The Spirit constantly needs to hoe this heart to keep it pliable. Thank God for His preachers who help in this work by continually delivering the word of God to enrich man’s soil. God made man responsible over his own soil, and expects man to tend his life by reading and praying. Man has a choice to grow in stature by enriching his own self through the word, or neglecting his own self and becoming dry of spirit, gradually blowing away with the winds of time. How is your garden growing? Is it good soil fed by God’s word, or is it dry, neglecting the heart of life?

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Why is it that we are always running? From childhood to adulthood, we have been running from or to something. Running to play with friends, or to school, to a party, and the one a lot of us remember, is running from getting a spanking. Today some are still running to work, or from a marriage, but mostly people (that’s you or me) are trying to run from God. You may be running, but God is just walking. He knows exactly how far you can run, but He always knows exactly where you are. Why not stop, and just say, “Lord, I’m tired of running. I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor, but in the end I’m just a sinner. Tired of running, tired of the pretense. You know me and what I’ve been, and yet you still want me. Why?”

“My child, I have loved you from the very beginning of your life, and love never gives up and love forgives. Now give me your all, receive me, and receive my rest. Now go and be blessed, and I will make you a fisher of men.”

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As a little boy playing in the woods across the road, I would slip from tree to tree carrying my little bow. All the while I was dreaming of being of being an Indian, looking for my enemy from another tribe.                           When as a teenager, I dreamed of being a major league pitcher with a great fastball like Sandy Koufax, and Herb Score. I dreamed of singing like Frank Sinatra, and playing the trumpet, dreams of stardom.                             The one thing I never ever dreamed about was being a Christian, until the Holy Spirit touched my heart. Are dreaming days over now? No! I’m just getting started. I dream about being like Jesus, healing the sick like Jesus said we would, seeing millions coming to Christ in the last great revival. I dream and think about the conversations with the Holy Spirit, and the days, even years that He has spent teaching me how to pray and wait and trust for an answer. I don’t know how much I’ve learned, maybe some, and other times to find out I know so little.                                                                                 One thing I know is the Holy Spirit will never give up on me, nor will He ever leave me. This one thing I don’t have to dream, is that Jesus loves me and He’s brought too far to leave me, because the bible tells me so. By these last words you can tell that I’m still just a child at heart and still dream big dreams. To you my friends, I say keep dreaming on, because some dreams do become reality. We are blessed.

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I remember

I remember as a little boy flinging open the old front door and running across the road, right into the woods. Those woods went for several miles, but for mom’s sake I never went too far away. I remember dad coming home one evening , happy he had given his life to Christ. Not long after that dad took to preaching the gospel of good news.

   Every church we went to, I remember the old hymns of that period, songs like amazing grace and others. We went to the coal camps, and many times to little country churches, and the songs were pretty much the same ones everywhere. At home we had a radio, and I remember dad liked country music with little Jimmy Dickens, Hank Snow, and Hank Williams. They were really good.

    I remember going next door to my friend’s home, and downstairs he had his own private room. He has a large reel to reel tape machine, and we would record our favorite songs as we cleaned our weapons and talked about hunting.

   Those days are gone, and things change. Marriage came and little babies soon followed. Some of my old friends have passed away. I remember most all of them and can still see their faces. Today my wife and I still live in our small, modest home, enjoying the quiet silence that surrounds us, especially after all eight of our grandchildren have gone home. I going to stop remembering right about here because I like making new memories, and I hope you do too. In the meantime enjoy your home, spouse and the beauty of silence. Love and blessings.

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It’s His fault

Does anyone remember Flip Wilson? Flip always used this excuse on his t.v. show, “The devil made me do it.” When I do something out of character, is it God’s fault? No, God doesn’t make us do anything. God gives us a free will to say yes or no. I choose to say yes, because when He ask me to do something, I want to say yes, knowing there is a good reason and it’s going to do good. When He sees a need, He will speak to someone, so He can work through them to provide the help a person needs. When He seeks you out for a certain task, will you say yes, or no? Having a freewill, you make the choice. I hope we say yes. It’s a golden opportunity to bless someone and to be blessed serving.

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In today’s society the church has a decision laid out before it. Will the church make prayer it’s lifeline or will it choose new methods designed by the world for popularity?                                                                                      Prayer must be built into every fiber and activity of the church. It, along with the Holy Spirit, has to be the bedrock of the church. When it is built on bedrock, it’s anchor will be so solid the church will not be swayed, moved or confused, but it’s identity must be made in Christ alone.                                                                                  When the church lives by nominal, weak prayer, it will be a nominal, weak church, and it’s identity is lost amid a multitude of nominal churches. We must give ourselves completely to Christ, seeking Him alone. The more we elevate Christ, the more He will bless and elevate the church. When the church truly hungers and thirsts for the Holy Ghost with more burning, passionate prayer, He will move through us, and the church will be moved to desire revival.                                 Let the church arise and its enemies be scattered. Earth- moving prayer is not made from the flesh, but created in the heart by the Holy Spirit, and His prayers through us will shake the nations and shake hell to its core. Godly passion will stir, awaken and move the church forward. The prayer of faith is the key that opens the heart of heaven. Will we pay the price to live the life of prayer. God is still looking for a man to stand in the gap and pray. After two thousand years, He is still looking. Will it be you or even me? Time will tell. This one thing I know, you can change your church as prayer changes you.
















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Who’s Waiting

Opening the blinds and looking out the window I saw sunshine enveloping everything, glistening bright off thousands of leaves. It was if all of nature was waiting for me to come out, saying, “Come on out and look at us, we’ve been waiting all morning sleepy head.” Those thoughts began to make me feel like a kid again as I moved through the house getting my clothes to put on. The thought came to me that maybe God was watching and said, “My boy is getting up. I think I’ll take him for a walk and remind him of who he is and what his purpose is. I’ll give him a little load to carry as he prays for the land and the church. His load will be easy as I won’t give him more then he can carry. He doesn’t know that each load I give him will only make him stronger for the bigger tasks ahead.”

   Each one of us has a different load to carry according to the measure of faith each one of us walks and moves in. Remember when the load bends us down to the position of humility, at that point His strength will raise us up to take the steps necessary to lay the burden at His feet. We thank Him that our hearts and minds are continually  nourished by the Savior, the cross, the blood and His sufficient grace.

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