Room For Thought

Eyes are for reading the word, but the Spirit leads the heart.

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Come Unto Me

When the sky is blue and all seems right in the world, come unto me and give praise due to my Holy name.  Come to me and honor me with your faith. Shout your praise, knowing God has a plan to help you and not to harm you. Resist bitterness, complaining, and fault finding. These are physical issues of the world. Let not these issues touch  the heart where your peace and joy abide. Enter God’s throne room with praise and thanksgiving knowing that He is in control, and He will provide an open door. With all prayer and supplication, place everything in God’s hands, and watch Him work. Come unto me and I will give you rest. You give me honor by asking me to answer your request. Seek me while I can be found. Knock and the door will be opened, ask and it shall be given.

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To all the people who have read these blogs. First off, where I come from in West Virginia, we have a saying, “I’m going to just give you the flat out truth.” I write because God told me to. I write to tell my story of walking with the Holy Spirit. Why? I write not to just tell you my story, but to provoke every reader to think about Christ and to believe in Him. I attempt to challenge everyone to accept Christ, to love Him and for you to love each other. My desire is that all of you will hunger and thirst after Christ, follow Him and have a burning passion to serve Him. The words are inside of me that He’s given, but to convey them is sometimes hard to do. My devotion to Christ and to prayer is a longing for everyone across the world to have. I know I am just one vessel in God’s service, and the reason I try to reach and touch each of you is two fold. First my love for God, and secondly my love and prayers for all of you. I hope in writing this that you may be able to see into my heart a little bit. If you desire to continue reading my stories, I’m grateful. If not then, I still thank you and am grateful for the time we have spent together. Be continually blessed in His service.

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I walk always to this place alone.                                              I’ve gone to this place many times as a second home.        It’s a small, quiet out of the way deserted place.                 Going there, I have a chance to see His beautiful face.      I am no longer alone as we sit in perfect peace.                   He tells me we must wait, for there is much to prepare.   I wait to hear His soft, quiet voice as only He can share.  It’s time that we go back, and He must depart.                    He will come back, but His words still tug at my heart.     Will you join me in this quiet, deserted place?                     Who knows, a trusting heart, may see  his face .                  Until then, I will trust and wait.


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Good Ground

After Christ ascended back to heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to watch over His people. Since we are all made from the soil, the Spirit came as comforter, but also as the gardener. In this world’s environment the christian needs constant attention. Unless tended, man’s soil of the heart tends to get dry and hard. The Spirit constantly needs to hoe this heart to keep it pliable. Thank God for His preachers who help in this work by continually delivering the word of God to enrich man’s soil. God made man responsible over his own soil, and expects man to tend his life by reading and praying. Man has a choice to grow in stature by enriching his own self through the word, or neglecting his own self and becoming dry of spirit, gradually blowing away with the winds of time. How is your garden growing? Is it good soil fed by God’s word, or is it dry, neglecting the heart of life?

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Why is it that we are always running? From childhood to adulthood, we have been running from or to something. Running to play with friends, or to school, to a party, and the one a lot of us remember, is running from getting a spanking. Today some are still running to work, or from a marriage, but mostly people (that’s you or me) are trying to run from God. You may be running, but God is just walking. He knows exactly how far you can run, but He always knows exactly where you are. Why not stop, and just say, “Lord, I’m tired of running. I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor, but in the end I’m just a sinner. Tired of running, tired of the pretense. You know me and what I’ve been, and yet you still want me. Why?”

“My child, I have loved you from the very beginning of your life, and love never gives up and love forgives. Now give me your all, receive me, and receive my rest. Now go and be blessed, and I will make you a fisher of men.”

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As a little boy playing in the woods across the road, I would slip from tree to tree carrying my little bow. All the while I was dreaming of being of being an Indian, looking for my enemy from another tribe.                           When as a teenager, I dreamed of being a major league pitcher with a great fastball like Sandy Koufax, and Herb Score. I dreamed of singing like Frank Sinatra, and playing the trumpet, dreams of stardom.                             The one thing I never ever dreamed about was being a Christian, until the Holy Spirit touched my heart. Are dreaming days over now? No! I’m just getting started. I dream about being like Jesus, healing the sick like Jesus said we would, seeing millions coming to Christ in the last great revival. I dream and think about the conversations with the Holy Spirit, and the days, even years that He has spent teaching me how to pray and wait and trust for an answer. I don’t know how much I’ve learned, maybe some, and other times to find out I know so little.                                                                                 One thing I know is the Holy Spirit will never give up on me, nor will He ever leave me. This one thing I don’t have to dream, is that Jesus loves me and He’s brought too far to leave me, because the bible tells me so. By these last words you can tell that I’m still just a child at heart and still dream big dreams. To you my friends, I say keep dreaming on, because some dreams do become reality. We are blessed.

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