My Place

Everyone is rushing through the corridor of life, wishing, wanting, or desiring to get off the fast track. Hoping and praying to just stop for a moment.  Some desire to be rich or famous and be well known. That is really not the goal, and to be truly honest with ourselves, what we are seeking is contentment.

   There is a place we all need, a place of quiet, no distractions, where we can go to sit, think, and even dream a little. There we can clear our minds, breath deeply and be refreshed, and to see again with new clarity.

   Where is such a place? To some it may be a mountain, to others a forest. Find in your heart that secret place with solitude where no one else can enter. Reach out to God and let Him direct your way. Let Him walk with you.  Have faith that whatever corridor you go through He will be with you even to the end. Life is a great journey. Take it all in. It’s the only trip He gives. Don’t worry, the fare has already been paid,and of course it is a one way ticket. The sites are beyond the imagination. Be Blessed.

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One Response to My Place

  1. Rob Keister says:

    Peace beyond all comprehension. RK

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